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Harry Potter Theme Songs

songs for the HP Characters

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Welcome to Harry Potter Theme Songs!

hp_themesongs is a community for you to post the songs you attach to Harry Potter characters and ships. Join today and let us know your Harry Potter character soundtracks!

All songs will be categorised by Character and/or Ship. They will be posted in the memories to enable people to search for them later.

When Posting, please use the following format:

Song Title - Song Artist (or if it's from a soundtrack, the movie/theatrical production it comes from is fine in the Artist's place)

Character/Ship it corresponds to

Sample Lyrics
(one or two lines please, and preferably the one or two lines you find most fitting to the character/ship in question.)

The full lyrics under an lj cut.

Can't wait to see what songs you guys put to different characters and ships! Thanks for joining! :)

This community is moderated by xdistantsparkle